Genetics Index

The Basics
Chromosomes and

Dominant and Recessive,
  Genotype and

Homozygous and

Sex Chromosomes and
  Sex Linkage


Mutation Basics
Mutation in Syrians
Table of Mutations

Punnett Square
Monohybrid Cross
Dihybrid Cross
Trihybrid Cross
Sex Linkage
A Common

The Nuts and Bolts

Principles of Breeding
Breeding Techniques
Dominant Traits
Recessive Traits
Inadvisable Crosses
Lineal Purity v.

Tortoiseshells and

Agouti v. Self
Basic Colors
The Golden Genotype
Combination Colors
Coat Types
Eye Color
Ear Color
The Preliminary Genotype
Expanding the Genotype
• Parents
• Siblings
• Offspring

River Road Hamstery
(limited version)


Syrian Hamster Genetics

A violet by a mossy stone
Half hidden from the eye;
Fair as a star, when only one
Is shining in the sky.

For most of human time, our genes have been a mystery.  Only very recently has the genetic code been sequenced, with many genes located and understood.  Unfortunately, Syrian hamsters have not been one of the chosen species studied in this way.  Since their genes can't be seen directly, we have to infer what is hidden from what we can see by looking at the animal.  Even after careful observation, only a small portion of genetic information can be deduced.

If you are using this site as a tutorial, it will be best to proceed through the sections in order, since each page of information is built on the previous page.  If not, feel free to jump around as it suits you.

The Basics
everything you have forgotten or never learned

why Syrian hamsters don't all look alike

passing classified information through the generations

the real chances of getting what you want in your litters

Principles of Breeding
how to build a better hamster

figuring out your hamster's genes


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